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Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering group at Notre Dame includes world-class experts in the areas of structural dynamics, wind and earthquake engineering, structural health monitoring and control, steel and concrete systems, risk mitigation, extreme loads, stochastic analysis and optimization, and design and optimization of kinetic structures. Structural faculty is involved in cutting edge multidisciplinary research programs that strive to provide better quality of life to all. With their focus on multiple and often interacting hazards (wind and waves, fires and earthquakes, blast and collapse), the faculty work together to develop novel risk mitigation and management strategies & solutions, and to develop innovative infrastructure systems that can withstand multiple hazards, and thus fulfill the needs of current and future generations.

Research interests of the Structural Engineering faculty include:

Wind Engineering
Earthquake Engineering
Structural Fire Engineering
Progressive Collapse
Natural and Technological Hazard Mitigation and Risk Management
Concrete Buildings and Bridges (including skyscrapers and long-span bridges)
Structural Dynamics
Structural Health Monitoring and Control
Cyber-Enabled Design and Virtual Organizations
Advanced Computational Platforms/Methods
Risk and Reliability
Computational Solid and Fluid Mechanics
Large Scale Testing of Structural Components and Subassemblies
Kinetic Structures
Structural Art
Sustainable Global Development

The Structural Engineering faculty is also committed to educating and training the leaders who will have a large impact on Civil Engineering profession and on society. Faculty, students, and staff work together to create and sustain a quality culture of learning, discovery, and creativity. Vibrant research environments provide our students the opportunities to participate in research with significant societal impact.

Structural Engineering