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Big Questions … THE WORLD WE LIVE IN … deserve answers.

Welcome to engineering at Notre Dame!

As a student entering the College of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, you’re already on your way to answering some of the biggest questions facing our world — clean energy, clean water, personalized medicine … and more.

  • What will the world look like
    when I’m 30?
  • Can we solve our energy issues?
  • How serious is our water challenge?
  • Is it possible to repair or replace our aging urban areas in light of the needs and the challenges of megacities?
  • How do we protect our populations from natural hazards and
    climate change?
  • How do we work in concert with our natural Earth systems?
  • How can I be part of the solution instead of the problem?
  • Can I really make a difference?

Engineers and scientists are the dreamers and doers of society. They rethink, redesign, and rebuild...especially civil and environmental engineers and earth scientists who are making a difference in so many ways.

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