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Financial Aid

  • During their first year, all incoming, full-time, degree-seeking graduate students receive full financial support from the Department, comprised of a combination of a tuition scholarship and a competitive stipend. This financial aid also includes full coverage of the University’s health insurance premium cost.
  • This award is a Graduate Assistantship and requires the student to successfully perform in his/her coursework and to participate in teaching and research.
  • Continuation of funding with a similar level of stipend and full tuition scholarship is contingent upon good academic standing and satisfactory progress towards the degree.

University Fellowships

All students who are accepted into the doctoral programs are also considered for the University fellowships below. Selection of University Fellows is competitive and based on nominations from the admitting departments.

Premier Fellowships:

Presidential Fellowships:

Exchange Fellowships

Special Fellowships:

External Scholarships and Fellowships

There are also numerous external fellowship and scholarship opportunities for which we encourage our graduate students to apply. The following are some of these opportunities: