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International Program

The University of Notre Dame has an agreement with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) for a dual graduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences. PUC is one of the leading universities in Latin America. It also provides access to the “natural laboratory” of Chile, where there are seismic events, tsunamis, coastal ocean circulation issues, wind wave environments in the vicinity of narrow continental shelves, meteorology affected by tall mountain ranges, groundwater flow, and acid mine leaching.

The agreement between Notre Dame and the PUC provides opportunities for students to carry out part of their research and coursework at PUC. Students must first be accepted at Notre Dame, then be nominated to attend PUC. They must complete the standard admission process for both universities. Once accepted at both, they will be considered enrolled at both universities. Students will be in residence at the partner institution from 12 to 24 months and, typically, take two or more classes in addition to engaging in research. They will be required to fulfill all the requirements of doctoral students at the partner institution—for example, holding a teaching assistantship and completing written comprehensives, oral examinations, and a dissertation defense. Once all requirements are fulfilled, they will receive a degree from both institutions. For more information, see the dual degree agreement (in Spanish) or contact the Director of Graduate Studies.