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Kijewski-Correa Featured on "What Would You Fight For?" Series

Allison Preston • DATE: September 10, 2018

Tracy Kijewski-Correa, associate professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences (CEEES) and associate professor of global affairs in the Keough School of Global Affairs was featured in the University of Notre Dame's "What Would You Fight For?" series.

The video, titled "Fighting to Protect Communities," focused on Kijewski-Correa's role as a storm reconnaissance coordinator in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Maria. She was responsible for managing teams of over 70 researchers from two-dozen organizations, coordinating their deployment for on-the-ground responses in Florida, Texas, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Following Hurricane Harvey, Kijewski-Correa, CEEES Associate Professor Andrew Kennedy, and CEEES Associate Professor Alexandros Taflanidis also traveled to Rockport, Texas, to collect data on infrastructure damage and storm surge.

Additionally, they are continuing to work with communities along the New Jersey coast that experienced significant damage from Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Kijewski-Correa and Taflanidis created NJcoast, a storm hazard protection tool that enables users with little to no formal training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to evaluate storm scenarios. This new tool provides communities with a better opportunity to plan for the potential effects of incoming storms, minimizing damage and saving lives.     

Kijewski-Correa's involvement with storm reconnaissance efforts will continue, as the National Science Foundation announced a two-year grant to the Structural Extreme Events Reconnaissance (stEER) network she is involved with. StEER's mission is to deepen the structural Natural Hazards Engineering (NHE) community's support for post-disaster reconnaissance by promoting community-driven standards, best practices, and training for fieldwork. Kijewski-Correa will serve as the director and will be responsible for overseeing the design and operationalization of the network.

Kijewski-Correa's "What Would You Fight For?" feature aired during the Notre Dame vs. Vanderbilt football game on Saturday, September 15.