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Notre Dame signs a MOU with Seychelles for Physical Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research

Meenu Garg • DATE: September 4, 2013

Better Life Foundation, a Seychelles Non-Government Organization (NGO) has announced that it will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Natural Resources to carry out in-depth studies of the country’s marine environment. The studies will be conducted in partnership with two prestigious US universities that have partnered with the foundation headed by Mr. Marco Francis.

The University of Notre Dame, Indiana, and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), will jointly sign the MOU which will pave the way for the various research programs aimed at collecting vital data to assist Seychelles in better understanding its marine natural environment. This exercise will come at a most opportune time as Seychelles embraces and promotes its “blue economy.”

The research package will cover several aspects of the Seychelles marine life such as oceanography, coral health, understanding changes in ocean structure and its effects, establishing a “baseline” for monitoring marine health and changes, setting up observation networks, understanding ocean productivity,y and marine meteorology.

"Better Life Foundation is proud to be sponsoring this research program with two of the United States’ top universities. This will provide Seychelles with vital data to assist in the better planning and management of our blue economy and help our country to better understand our marine environment and maritime natural resources,” said Mr. Marco Francis, the Chairman of the local NGO.

The partner American universities of Notre Dame and UCSD are two on the world’s most prominent educational institutions. 

UCSD operates four research institutes, including the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, San Diego Supercomputer Center, and UC San Diego Medical Center. It is also affiliated with several regional research centers, such as the Scripps Research Institute.

Notre Dame’s has an Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI) program tackling the interrelated problems of invasive species, land use, and climate change, focusing on their synergistic impacts on water resources. The goal of ND-ECI is to provide solutions that minimize the trade-offs between human welfare and environmental health.