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Professor Kareem started serving a two-year term as Chair of the Technical Activities Division of ASCE

Meenu Garg • DATE: October 10, 2012

Ahsan Kareem, Dist. Member of ASCE, started serving a  two-year term  as Chair of the Technical Activities Division of the 20,000 + member Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers. SEI is uniquely suited to serve the structural engineering community while influencing change on broader issues that shape the entire civil engineering community. The Technical Activities Division overseas the technical activities of the institute through a host of technical committees e.g., dynamic effects, blast loads, fire,  tall buildings, bridges and performance of structures. The division also overseas three journals of ASCE, including the Journal of Structural Engineering and Bridge Engineering. In addition to shaping the technical agenda of the institute the technical division also contributes to the major annual Structures Congress.  Kareem has previously served in a similar role for the Engineering Mechanics Division (now Institute, EMI) of ASCE.

Technical Activities Division (TAD)

The Technical Activities Division is made up of SEI's technical committees which are concerned with a variety of Structural Engineering issues. These committees develop technical publications, technical sessions for conferences, specialty conferences, provide articles for journals, manuals of practice, committee reports and more.

Advance the science of structural design by increasing the knowledge of the physical properties of engineering materials, developing methods of analysis, studying the relative merits of various types of structures and methods of fabricating, and disseminating knowledge relating to this division of the engineering profession.

Executive Committee

  • Ahsan Kareem, Chair
  • Charles Roeder, Past Chair
  • Sheila Duwadi, Vice Chair
  • Bob Nickerson, Secretary
  • Jerry Hajjar, Member
  • Don Dusenberry, BOG Representative
  • Dennis Mertz, BOG Representative