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Environmental Chemistry Laboratory

Patricia A. Maurice

Problems we are working on

Studies of mineral-water interface geochemistry; organic and microbial interactions with mineral surfaces; geochemistry of humic substances; soil chemistry; chemical weathering; hydrology and biogeochemistry of freshwater wetlands; remediation of metal contamination; global climate change; geologic nanoparticles and their interactions with organic matter, microbes, and metals.


Aqueous Geochemistry Laboratory and Atomic Force/Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory


(1) Effects of isolation technique on properties and reactivity  of natural organic matter from the Suwannee River

(2) Bioavailability of metals associated with humic substances to aerobic bacteria

(3) Acquisition of Fe from humic substances, clays, and Fe oxide (nano)particles by aerobic bacteria (in collaboration with Jen Dubois, Montana State Univ.)

(4) Effects of biofilm formation on microbial mineral dissolution 

(5) Application of Asymmetrical flow Fluid Flow Fractionation  to determining metals distributions in natural organic matter samples (in collaboration with Frank von der Kammer and Thilo Hoffman, University of Vienna)

(6) Effects of Fe oxide (nano)particle size on metal sorption (in collaboration with Bruce Bunker)

(7) Effects of polydispersity on natural organic matter subsurface transport  (in collaboration with Diogo Bolster)

(8) Applications of continuous time random walks (CTRW) and multi-rate mass transfer (MRMT) modeling to heterogeneous solutes (in collaboration with Diogo Bolster)

(9) Sorption of Cd and Pb to swelling clays, in collaboration with Bruce Bunker (UND Physics) and Cliff Johnston (Purdue Univ).