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Kinetic Structures Laboratory

Ashley P. Thrall


The Kinetic Structures Laboratory, directed by Prof. Ashley Thrall, is devoted to analytically, numerically, and experimentally investigating the behavior of a wide variety of moving and deploying structures. Applications include military operations and disaster relief.

Problems we are working on

Current and recent projects include designing rapidly deployable origami-inspired shelters, reconceptualizing and optimizing deploying bridges, and developing a framework for transitional bridges (i.e., bridges that can be rapidly deployed for immediate relief and then transformed to support longterm reconstruction and development).


The Kinetic Structures Laboratory is a 1200 square foot facility with computational, model-building, and experimental capabilities The laboratory features a Universal Laser Cutter (VLS 6.60 with a 32 x 18 in cutting bed) and a Stratasys 3-dimensional printer (uPrint SE Plus, 8 x 8 x 6 in build size, .010 or .013 in layer thickness) for rapid prototyping. A conventional instrumentation system, including a National Instruments data acquisition system, string pots, and load cells, is available for experimental testing.

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