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Program Information

Perdigão-2017 is a large field experiment and a large collaboration among European and U.S. research groups. It is is one of a set of field experiments carried out within an European project, called the New European Wind Atlas (NEWA), driven by the research needs of the European wind industry to assess the potential for wind energy resources across Europe. The US research science team is made up of about a dozen universities and instrument facilities under the umbrella of the Perdigão Experiment. Further groups join the Experiment funded their national sources. Given the complex orographic features of the site, this field experiment offers the opportunity for collaboration among European and U.S. groups, increasing the number and diversity of scientific equipment available to the field experiment and enabling measurements at unprecedented detail in both spatial and temporal scales. The two projects combined offer an unprecedented opportunity to characterize atmospheric physics over a wide range of conditions. The major outcome of this endeavour will be an experimental database of unprecedented detail and diversity to characterize the flow regime in this domain and a become a source of useful information for research and operational wind assessment for many years to come.