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Actinide Research Laboratory

Peter C. Burns


Our research emphasizes the mineralogy and solid state chemistry of actinides, with applications in energy and environmental management.  Uranyl peroxide nanoclusters with well-defined structures are synthesized and characterized by the Burns group. The syntheses of several nano-scale cage clusters have been optimized and the characterizations of these materials are underway. Uranyl peroxide nanoclusters will be examined to determine their interactions with solutions and their own energetics.  The Burns group is exploring other uranyl materials that may contain cation-cation interactions through the synthesis of uranyl germanates, sulfates, selenates, tungstates, and arsenates.   We are also looking at the incorporation of neptunium into rock-forming minerals such as calcite and gypsum.


4 single crystal X-ray diffractometers (APEX I, APEX II, and 2 Quazar)
2 powder X-ray diffractometers (D8 with High-Star Detector and D8 Davinci)
Bruker Nanostar – Small Angle X-ray Scattering
FTIR microscope with ATR
Malvern Dynamic Light Scattering
Bruker RAMAN
Craic UV-VIS microspectrophotometer microscope
JASCO V-670 Solution UV-VIS microspectrophotometer
BASi potentiostat
Anton Parr Density meter (DMA 4500M)
Thermo Scientific FTIR (Nicolet 6700)
5 box ovens (up to 220° C)
2 furnaces (up to 900° C)
1 tube furnace (up to 1700° C)

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