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Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Joe Fernando


We develops and applies fundamental knowledge and novel tools to describe atmospheric, oceanic, limnologic, riverine, surface and groundwater flow and transport, their driving mechanisms, and their relationships to our global and local environment and built infrastructure.

Problems we are working on

We study following problems using experimental investigations, field measurements, and numerical and theoretical modeling:

    Energy extraction and storage
    Global climate change
    Flow-Structure Interactions
    Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
    Groundwater pollution
    Tsunami and storm surge propagation
    Air Pollution
    Urban Fluid Mechanics
    Indoor Air Pollution
    Water supply and safety
    Acoustic and electromagnetic propagation in the environment
    Coastal and deep water oceanic flows
    Ice mechanics
    Sediment transport


Silverstone Falmingo, Particle Image Velocimetry Laser, Water Tank, SODAR System, Aquarium, CR 5000, CR23X Micrologger, Vaisala Ceilometer CL31, FW05, FW1, and FW3 Thermocouples, K20 Krypton Hygrometer, CNR1 Net Radiometer, RASS System, HMP45C Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe, Model 81000 Ultrasonic Anemometer, Vaisala DigiCORA© Tethersonde System TT12


Mountain Terrain Atmospheric Modeling and Observations Program (MATERHORN) – ONR/ARO
ASIRI: Air-Sea Interactions in Northern Indian Ocean -- ONR
Mesoscale Dynamics, Lateral and Vertical Mixing in China Seas and Western Pacific  -- ONR
Wakes of maneuvering bodies in stratified fluids - ONR
Mapping and mitigation planning of the urban heat island in Chicago – City of Chicago
Sustainability of  the Louisiana coast – river diversions (as a part of Louisiana Coastal Area Science Board Participation)
Fluid Dynamic Processes in Strategic Petroleum Reserves – DOE/Sandia National Laboratories
Air Quality Modeling for Phoenix – Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Lidar deployment in Port Headland, Western Australia – Western Australia Department of Environment (via Curtin University)
Parameterization of Urban Effects in Global Climate Models; Development of Urban Models – NSF
Wind turbine noise propagation in complex terrain – Royal Society of London (collaboration grant)

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