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Groundwater Hydrology Laboratory

Diogo Bolster


Our research group studies a broad variety of topics relating to flow and transport in subsurface environments.

Problems we are working on

We develop and run laboratory, field and numerical experiments as well as develop stochastic and deterministic theoretical models to study various topics relating to groundwater hydrology. These include:

Water Resources in Developing Countries
Flow and Reactive Transport in Porous Media (Laboratory Experiments, Numerical and Theoretical Models)
Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Multiphase Flows in Heterogeneous Subsurface Environments
Laboratory methods in groundwater research
Field methods in characterization of groundwater systems
Integration of data sources with mathematical (deterministic and stochastic) descriptions of groundwater systems.


The Groundwater Hydrology Lab at Notre Dame has been developed over the last 20 years and houses capabilities to construct and run flow and transport experiments in sediment tanks with complex heterogeneities. Monitoring capabilities include TDR, resistivity measurement equipment, high-precision pressure transducers and high resolution and precision image capture / analysis.


A variety of collaborative projects with colleagues in Benin, West Africa, which focus on

  1. Water quality of rural groundwater wells
  2. Characterization of coastal groundwater dynamics involving anthropogenic and salt-water contamination of major groundwater production wells
  3. Development of new rural water supplies through collaboration on drilling of new groundwater wells.

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