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Soils and Material Laboratory

Liz Kerr


The civil engineering materials laboratory is used primarily for undergraduate instruction, but is also used for undergraduate and graduate research, and undergraduate departmental projects all of which involve testing of concrete, steel, or soil materials.

Problems we are working on

The main purpose of this lab is to allow undergraduates to creatively and systematically explore civil engineering materials in a hands-on environment.


   Instron 5590 Universal Testing Machine with 300 kN capacity (pdf) www.instron.com/wa/library/streamfile.aspx?doc=494)

   Testmark CM-4000 Compression Testing Machine with 400,000 lb capacity 


   PUNDIT Testing Lab

   Impact Echo Testing System

   Concrete Air Meters

   Falling and Constant Head Permeameters

   Consolidation Apparatuses

   Sieve Shakers

   Casagrande Liquid Limit Apparatus


   Field Density Cones

   Standard Proctor Hammers


ASCE Concrete Canoe Mix Design

Civil Engineering Materials Class Concrete Bowling Ball Project