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Structural DYNAmics & MOnitoring (DYNAMO) Laboratory



This 700-sq. ft. laboratory serves as the primary venue for basic research and education in the fields of experimental structural dynamics and structural monitoring

Problems we are working on

This lab is dedicated to addressing 21st Century Civil Infrastructure Challenges posed by increased urbanization and hazard vulnerability, using inter-disciplinary collaborations and context-driven technologies ranging from advanced sensing, simulation and cyber-infrastructure to innovative sustainable systems suitable for developing countries. Venues for DYNAMO's research and education extend from computational and experimental facilities at Notre Dame to full-scale investigations, virtual domains and international field reconnaissance. With a commitment to education and technology transfer, DYNAMO delivers practical engineering solutions to public and private sector partners, while inspiring a new generation of engineers.


The laboratory is equipped with a newly restored medium-scale uniaxial shaking table capable of simulating up to 4 g's from 0 to 50 Hz and small-scale Quanser uniaxial shaking tables for bench-scale testing, education and outreach activities. The laboratory also houses a complete range of modal testing and analysis tools, a variety of sensors including high precision accelerometers and GPS with Real Time Kinematic capabilities, wireless Chasqui Motes, various platforms for data acquisition, and numerous structural models. DYNAMO Lab houses dedicated suites of state-of-the-art computers for structural analysis/simulation/modeling and data acquisition, featuring software titles such as MATLAB, LABVIEW, RAM Structure, ETABS, FLUENT, ANSYS, ABACUS, RISA and SAP2000.


  1. Advanced sensing for Civil Infrastructure
  2. Performance of Tall Buildings
  3. Citizen Engineering, Virtual Organizations and Cyber Collaboratories for Hazard Reduction, and
  4. Engineering Empowering Development

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