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2009 Junior Class Field Trip

New York City Infrastructure Basics
October 8 – October 11, 2009

Sponsors: Murphy Travel Fund; University of Notre Dame College of Engineering and Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences


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Hosts: AECOM, Skanska USA Building, Columbia University, Skanska Koch, Skanska USA Civil Northeast, Granite Construction Northeast, Inc., and Lehigh University

Organizers: Diane Westerink, Joannes Westerink, Alexandros Taflinidis

Purpose of this trip: To expose students to some of the biggest and most innovative infrastructure design and construction efforts going on in the United States; to see first hand that the need to rebuild our often failing infrastructure is huge; to see first hand the complexity of these structural, transportation, water resources, and environmental projects that keep our nation productive, efficient and healthy; and to interact one on one with project and design engineers. These trips help students see the wide range of opportunities for them to be innovative leaders and also help them connect the classroom to the real world.

AECOM Design Offices and World Trade Center Transportation Center Site Visit

Skanska USA LEED Office fit-out, Empire State Building, 32nd floor

Skanska USA, United Nations Renovations

Columbia University, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Skanska Koch, Croton Water Filtration Plant

Granite Construction Northeast, Brighton Subway Line, Brooklyn - Stillwell Station, Coney Island

Lehigh University, ATLSS Center, Bethlehem, PA

The Bus

Geology Field Trip - Death Valley, California

Spring 2010

Sponsor: Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences, University of Notre Dame

Organizers: Peter C. Burns and Andrew Quicksall

Purpose of this trip: This trip contrasts the volcanic emphasis of the alternate field trip and focuses on the sediments of Death Valley and borate mining.  This trip also shows the effects of dam building with a visit to the Hoover Dam.