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2011 Junior Class Field Trip

New York City Infrastructure Basics: September 22-25, 2011

Sponsors:  Murphy Travel Fund; University of Notre Dame Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences


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Hosts: ATLSS Center, Lehigh; AECOM Transportation; Skanska USA Building; Skanska Koch; Columbia University; Granite Construction Northeast; St. Patrick's Cathedrals

Organizers: Diane Westerink, Joannes Westerink

Purpose of this trip: To expose students to some of the biggest and most innovative infrastructure design and construction efforts going on in the United States; to see first hand that the need to rebuild our often failing infrastructure is huge; to see first hand the complexity of these structural, transportation, water resources, and environmental projects that keep our nation productive, efficient and healthy; and to interact one on one with project and design engineers. These trips help students see the wide range of opportunities for them to be innovative leaders and also help them connect the classroom to the real world.

Trip Photos

Lehigh Structures Laboratory

AECOM 2nd Ave. Subway and WTC Transportation Center Design

Skanska USA Green Building

Rehabilitation of Brooklyn Bridge

Dinner in Brooklyn

Access Tunnel Under the East River

Game Watch at New York Public House

Empire State Building

St Patricks Cathedral

Fall 2011 Geology Field Trip

Upper Michigan Fall Break 2011

Sponsors: University of Notre Dame Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences


Organizers: Jeremy Fein

Purpose of this trip: Emphasis of the trip was on understanding the regional geology before, during, and after the formation of Proterozoic banded iron formations and the Marquette Mineral District. A wide range of sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rock types and geologic structures are studied, and the trip includes a structural geology field exercise. Prior to the trip, there were lectures on the regional geology, and each student had prepared a presentation on one aspect of the geology that was seen in the field.

Trip Pictures

Spring 2012 Geology Field Trip

Death Valley California: March 10th-17th, 2012

Sponsor: University of Notre Dame Department of Civil Engineering and Geological

Organizers: Ralph E. Milliken and Antonio Simonetti

Death Valley Geology

Itineary: Excursions to various sites of geological interest within Death Valley were carried out during the day, which involved much hiking and field exercises such as identification of faults, folds, and “strike and dip” measurements of geological units. “Home base” for the field party was at the Panamint Springs campground, where students prepared meals for the entire group in the evening.

Purpose of this trip: This trip gives students exposure to two large scale tectonic processes, these are extension and volcanism.

Trip Photos: