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Good News and Bad News About Global Water Reclamation


10/1/2020 at 3:55PM


10/1/2020 at 4:55PM


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Diane Westerink

Diane Westerink

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Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences Coordinator/Computational Hydraulics Laboratory
College of Engineering Coordinator/Computational Hydraulics Laboratory
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South Africa, with a current population of over 40 million people, faces a dire water future. The combined flow of all the rivers in the country makes up about 60% of that of the Tennessee River. Water is pumped from long distances and indirectly re-used many times. Discussion of running out of new sources of water in Cape Town has been ongoing for 50 years, and water reclamation is one path forward. The good news and the bad news for this region reflect similar challenges faced in other areas around the world.

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Seminar Speaker:

James L. Barnard

James L. Barnard

Global Practice & Technology Leader, Advanced Biological Treatment, Black & Veatch


Ph.D.,D.Ing.h.c.,Pr.Eng. BCEE, WEF Fellow,