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Real Time Traffic Congestion Dashboards for Decision Makers


9/21/2017 at 3:30PM


9/21/2017 at 4:30PM


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Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

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In 1873 the University of Notre Dame responded to the burgeoning need for surveyors and designers of railroads, bridges, and roads by adding a program in civil engineering to the curriculum. In fact, Notre Dame was the first Catholic university in the country to offer formal courses in ...
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Traffic incidents, work zones and winter weather has a large impact on both mobility and safety nationwide. Crowdsourced probe vehicle data provides an outcome-oriented measure that can be used to calculate the impact on traffic of storms in near-real time as well as in after-action review. 

This talk presents a series of Indiana case studies derived from after-action analysis of major traffic crashes and winter storms on Indiana interstates. The talk includes recorded audio and transcripts from public safety and traffic management radio dispatch systems. The talk will conclude with interactive real-time web pages that track conditions on adjacent interstates I-90, I-94 and I-69. 

Seminar Speaker:

Darcy Bullock

Darcy Bullock

Professor of Civil Engineering, Director of the Joint Transportation Research Program Purdue University


Dr. Darcy Bullock is a Professor of Civil Engineering at Purdue University and serves as the director of the Joint Transportation Research Program. Bullock is a Registered Professional Engineer in Indiana and has 25 years of experience in the industry working closely with vendors, state agencies, and USDOT, and colleagues at other universities. Bullock's teaching, research, and consulting interests have been in the general area of traffic engineering. 

He received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Vermont, and an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Over the past two decades, Bullock has completed several projects with the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, National Science Foundation, Department of Homeland Security, Houston Airport System (Houston Intercontinental Airport), Kenton County Airport Board (Cincinnati Airport) as well as several state and local transportation agencies. The results of those projects are published in over 200 journal articles, conference proceedings, and technical reports, several of which have received national awards from ASCE, TRB, and ITE. 

You can see some of the activities his students are currently working on by following his Twitter account: @darcybullock