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Registering for the FE Exam

Instructions for Registering for the FE Exam

1. Check your state requirements by visiting the following website (http://ncees.org/exams/) and selecting the state you wish to be registered in. This section will indicate if you need to apply to the state licensing board prior to registering for the FE Exam or after sitting for the exam. This will also indicate if there is a separate state licensing fee. 

Indiana does not require you to apply through the state first, but it does require a $10 application fee to be paid after passing the exam. If the state you are applying to requires you complete their application first, then do not register for the exam at this time. Be sure to apply through the state first.

Note that it does not matter which state you register in as the FE Exam is not state specific, and will not affect your ability to take the PE exam in a few years. You may also take the exam in a different state than where you want to be registered.

The NCEES Examinee Guide (http://ncees.org/exams/cbt/examinee-guide/) may be helpful for you as well.

2. Once you have checked your state requirements, you need to create and account on the NCEES website and register for the exam and pay the $225 fee at https://account.ncees.org/register/.

You will have the ability to select the state you wish to register through when registering for the exam. Again, you do not need to take the exam in the same state that you want to be registered in. Be sure to register using an email address that you will have at the time you take the exam as the results will be sent to you electronically.

3. Once registered, you will then get an email that will inform you that you can now schedule a time to take the exam. You may take the exam within one year of registering to take it without additional fees. This does not include schedule change fees that may or may not be implemented depending on the cancellation time frame.

4. After you sit for the exam, you will receive a pass confirmation letter (hopefully). Once you receive this, you will need to print it off, and fill out the state application. Follow the instructions on the application. For the Indiana state engineering license board EIT (Engineer in Training) application, you will need the following:

  • Application found at the bottom of the page of this link: http://www.in.gov/pla/2741.htm. This link also has an application checklist summarized below. 
  • $10 application fee made payable to Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
  • Official transcript mailed to the board from ND. You will need to request this once you have graduated from the Office of the Registrar.
  • NCEES notification of passing FE Exam.
  • Only needed if FE Exam was taken after graduation: Three reference forms filled out in a sealed envelope with signature across the seal. The reference forms can be found at the above link as well under the title: Questionnaire on Applicant Reference for Engineering Interns 
  • Original photograph taken within the past 8 weeks of submitting application. 

The above requirements are similar for many states.


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