Evaluation and Repair of Natural Draft Cooling Tower


1/24/2019 at 3:30PM


1/24/2019 at 4:30PM


129 DeBartolo Hall


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Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

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In 1873 the University of Notre Dame responded to the burgeoning need for surveyors and designers of railroads, bridges, and roads by adding a program in civil engineering to the curriculum. In fact, Notre Dame was the first Catholic university in the country to offer formal courses in ...
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Reinforced concrete hyperbolic shell natural draft cooling towers are elegant structures but are often exposed to harsh operating environments that can lead to severe concrete deterioration. In this case study, a 400-foot-tall tower exhibited widespread deterioration that threatened the tower’s structural integrity.
Structural and materials engineers performed multiple condition assessments that were challenging due to the tower’s size, geometry, and operational constraints. Ultimately, careful investigation and analysis provided critical knowledge to effectively characterize its structural health and develop an aggressive
repair strategy.

Seminar Speaker:

Matthew Gries

Matthew Gries

Matthew Gries has broad-based experience in condition assessments, structural evaluation, and repair design for buildings, bridges, towers, and utility structures. He has performed nonlinear finite element analysis of concrete structures and has experience with nondestructive testing techniques.

Prior to joining WJE, Mr. Gries evaluated the feasibility of new techniques for improved
real-time evaluation of reinforced concrete bridges while a graduate assistant at the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.