Welcome from the Chair

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences has a long tradition of serving people and society. Notre Dame first offered classes in engineering in 1873, becoming the first Catholic university in the country to offer engineering.

Today, we continue our tradition of serving humanity by developing the fundamental and applied technologies that have an impact on people’s well-being.

Our faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students, and staff work on some of the world’s most challenging problems, including natural and manmade hazards; civil infrastructure; the environment; energy; water; and earth systems.

Our research deepens understanding of fundamental science and underlying processes in four major areas: Structural Engineering, Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Environmental Engineering, and Earth Sciences. The results lead to the development of applied engineering tools, the design of major infrastructure projects, and the evaluation of risk and hazards across the world.

In our undergraduate programs, innovative classroom teaching intersects with research, field trips, service programs, lecture series, and hands-on experiences.

Our alumni have a history of success and exemplary leadership in academia, consulting, national laboratories, construction, and industry.

I welcome you to visit us in person at Notre Dame.

Sincerely Yours,

Diogo Bolster
Henry J. Massman Chairman
Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences