The ASCE DRAFT Standard Requirements for Sustainable Infrastructure

Challenges and Innovation in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences SPRING 2021 Seminar Series


The ASCE DRAFT Standard Requirements for Sustainable Infrastructure

William E. Kelly, PE, ND Geology ’65, ND CE BS ’65, MS ’69, Ph.D. ’72, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Catholic University of America

3:55 p.m.–4:55 p.m., February 25, 2021   |   Zoom

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Design and a culminating design experience are essential parts of a civil engineering education. Standards are important; design tools and students are expected to incorporate appropriate standards in their culminating design experience. Civil engineering students should prepare themselves to take the lead in implementing the draft ASCE Sustainable Infrastructure standard when they enter the profession. The new standard will be a major achievement of ASCE’s Five-Year Road Map to Sustainable Development.

WIlliam Kelly
William E. Kelly

The objectives of this seminar are to provide an update on ASCE’s Five-Year Roadmap, an overview of the state of sustainable infrastructure design worldwide, and familiarize students with the draft ASCE standard.

William E. Kelly, Ph.D., P.E., retired as Director of External Affairs at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). Before joining ASEE, he was a Professor of Civil Engineering at the Catholic University of America and also served as Dean of the School of Engineering from 1996-2001. He is a past member of the ASCE Committee on Sustainability (CoS) and has taught sustainability at Catholic University and George Mason University. He is a co-editor of the 2017 ASCE book “Engineering for Sustainable Communities: Principles and Practices.” He chairs the ASCE Planning Committee on Global Sustainability and the Asian Civil Engineering Coordination Council (ACECC) Committee on Sustainable Infrastructure, both focused on achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. He is also a member of the WFEO UN Relations Committee (WURC). In 2020 he was recognized by ASCE for his work on sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals with an ASCE President’s medal.

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