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James Alleman

James Alleman

Teaching Professor

Director, Professional Master of Engineering Program

Areas of Interest

Development, application, and assessment of sustainable environmental engineering technologies for water, wastewater, and residuals management systems

Andrew Bartolini

Andrew Bartolini

Assistant Teaching Professor

Coordinator, First Year Engineering Program

Melissa Berke

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Areas of Interest

Molecular paleoclimatology; paleoenvironmental change; biogeochemistry; paleolimnology; paleooceanography

Kyle Bibby

Kyle Bibby

Wanzek Collegiate Chair and Associate Professor

Areas of Interest

Microbiology relevant to water quality and public health; detection of human pathogenic viruses in the environment

Professor Diogo Bolster

Diogo Bolster

Professor and Frank M. Freimann Collegiate Chair in Hydrology

Director of Graduate Studies

Areas of Interest

Environmental fluid dynamics, transport and reactive flows in heterogeneous porous media, multiphase flow in porous media, buoyancy driven flows, sustainable building ventilation

Professor Peter Burns

Peter Burns

Massman Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Director, ND Energy

Areas of Interest

Environmental minerology, minerology and crystallography, mineral crystal structures and crystal chemistry, mineral structural energetics, mineral paragenesis, nuclear waste disposal

Professor Paola Crippa

Paola Crippa

Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Areas of Interest

Air quality and aerosol dynamics modeling, climate change, environmental and computational sustainability, high-performance computing, remote sensing, weather research and forecasting, wind energy

Patricia Culligan

Patricia J. Culligan

Matthew H. McCloskey Dean, College of Engineering

Areas of Interest

Water resources and environmental engineering; sustainable urban infrastructure, social networks, and the application of advanced measurement and sensing technologies to improve water, energy, and environmental management

Professor Kyle Doudrick

Kyle Doudrick

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Areas of Interest

Physical-chemical drinking water treatment; sustainable water treatment technologies; photoelectrochemistry; photocatalysis; solar conversion of water to energy; nanomaterial metrology; fate and transport of nanomaterials in the environment; human health and societal implications of nanotechnology

Professor Jeremy Fein

Jeremy Fein

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Areas of Interest

Geomicrobiology, aqueous environmental geochemistry, application of chemical thermodynamics to model bacteria-water-rock systems