Congratulations to the CEEES Class of 2021!

Congratulations Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 has had one of the most unique experiences in the history of Notre Dame, but what a joy it is to see you all persevere to the end.

We look at you and see a class of remarkable potential. Despite the challenges you faced, you found a way to exercise your intellect and creativity in the classroom, in the research labs, in competitions, in athletics, in music, and in all sorts of other campus activities. Several of you are off to graduate school, many of you are off to jobs all across the country, and at least one of you is staying put since you can’t get enough of ND!

We sincerely hope that you have been deeply formed, not just in the ways of civil and environmental engineering, but also in how to be an example of genuine love to your neighbor and a servant to others.

Thank you all for the opportunity to teach and interact with you over the past four years. We also thank your families for supporting you, not only over your time at ND, but throughout your entire lives leading up to this point. Without their support none of this would be possible. We are proud of each of you and all of the hard work you have put into your academic career and for making it here today.

God bless you all. Please come back and visit us soon. We look forward to seeing you and hearing where life has taken you.

Good luck and Go Irish!

— Faculty and staff of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Congratulations to the CEEES Class of 2021!

  • Samantha Amezquita
  • Annalena M. Bellm
  • Carmen M. Bolivar
  • Marie Bond
  • Grace E. Brach
  • Emily E. Brady
  • Gabriel F. Brown
  • Jennifer L. Buck
  • Juliette M. Burcham
  • Kaitlyn B. Calhoun
  • Leonard S. Calvo
  • Kyle R. Carey
  • Celine C. Castillo
  • Joseph A. Danko
  • Margaret D’Auria
  • Jessica E. Davis
  • Isabella Delgado-Castillo
  • Kevin T. Deye
  • Kevin R. Diggins
  • Patricia C. Dirlam
  • Colin M. Dorsey
  • Michael S. Dunn
  • Leonardo S. Falzuez Malesani
  • Robert A. Fiegelist
  • Elizabeth T. Gardner
  • Erin B. Glendon
  • Kellen K. Hinchey
  • Thomas A. Howe
  • Peter A. Jachim
  • Steven P. Johnston
  • John P. Kennan
  • Madeleine R. LaPorte
  • Barret A. Lee
  • Katelyn M. Long
  • Abigail E. Martin
  • Abbey K. McCarthy
  • Adolfo Mora
  • Ryan Morgan
  • Tess N. Ngochi
  • Joseph B. Nowak
  • Erin P. Olsen
  • Dayna P. Park
  • Lily A. Polster
  • Ricardo F. Pozas Garza
  • Raya Isabel L. Puno
  • Steven T. Ream
  • Matthew P. Riss
  • Lillian M. Rodriguez
  • Nicholas A. Saladino
  • Mariana P. Silva
  • Chiara M. Smorada
  • William F. Tjaden
  • Alexis G. VanBlunk
  • Robert F. Wachter
  • Nathan A. Yusko