Ahsan Kareem

Professor Ahsan Kareem

Robert M. Moran Professor of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences






156C Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Areas of Interest

  • Real-time monitoring the response of tall buildings around the world
  • Advanced analysis framework for the analysis of long-span cable-supported bridges
  • Modeling of gust front winds and their effects on buildings and structures
  • Development and design of Aqua Sloshers (tunes liquid dampers) and other motion-mitigation devices and modeling of damping in structures
  • Development of cyber-based virtual collaborative research platforms, living laboratories; e.g., VORTEX-Winds and virtual organization for the reduction of toll of extreme winds on society
  • Automated damage assessment from satellite/aerial imagery
  • Crowd sourcing the design of civil infrastructure
  • Cyber-eye: Development of a cyber-center for national risk-assessment and decision-making dedicated to mitigating the impacts of hurricanes
  • ANN/Cellular automata and Volterra systems for modeling nonlinear aerodynamics
  • Regenerative buildings: energy harvesting from oscillating buildings and their components
  • Modeling of wind load effect on Wind Turbine
  • Modeling of non-stationarity and non-linearity in engineering systems
  • Characterization of extreme winds, e.g., hurricanes utilizing emerging tools
  • Multi-hazard performance-based design and the potential impact of climate change