Brad Weldon

Professor Brad Weldon

Henry J. Massman Collegiate Professor in Civil Engineering

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences






174 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Areas of Interest


Prof. Weldon’s research expertise is in large scale testing and evaluation of structural systems under various loading scenarios. He has significant experience in the inspection, evaluation, and testing of bridges and has conducted research on concrete, timber, adobe and masonry systems. He has also been heavily involved in the design, construction and monitoring of bridges made from sustainable materials.

Weldon’s research on Ultra High Performance Concrete for the New Mexico Department of Transportation was recognized by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) as being one of “the highest value” research projects in the United States (2012), citing its success in significantly extending the service life of bridges while dramatically decreasing maintenance costs.

He teaches classes in statics and solid mechanics.



Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 2010
M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 2006
B.S., Civil Engineering, New Mexico State University, 2001