Harindra Joseph Fernando

Professor Harindra Fernando

Wayne and Diana Murdy Endowed Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences






311D Cushing Hall of Engineering

Research Areas

  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics:  turbulence in homogeneous, stratified and rotating flows, internal waves, double-diffusive phenomena, multiphase (fog and particle-laden) flows
  • Oceanography: Ocean circulation, ocean mixing and turbulence, Monsoons and Intraseasonal Oscillations, tsunamis and coastal waves, coastal engineering, including sediment transport and beach defenses underpinned by corals and mangroves
  • Atmospheric Flows: Flows in complex topographies, urban air pollution measurement and modeling
  • Industrial Fluid Mechanics: nuclear power plant safety
  • Energy: Wind energy
  • Sustainability: Alternative energy sources, urban heat island (UHI) reduction, energy storage, green buildings
  • Climate Change: Downscaling from climate to pedestrian scales

Prof. Fernando also holds a concurrent faculty position in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.


Environmental Fluid Dynamics
ASIRI: RAWI: Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Waves and Instabilities
Perdigao: De-coding Complex Terrain Flows for Wind Energy Applications