Welcome from DGS

If you are considering graduate education and interested in conducting highly innovative research with recognized and leading researchers in the fields of civil and/or environmental engineering, fluid dynamics (hydrology), or earth sciences, then I strongly encourage you to consider our graduate program. Our department (Dept. Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences- CEEES) has a vibrant research program, with 23 full-time, teaching and research faculty and over 90 graduate students. Our doctoral program in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences (formerly Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences) was recently ranked by the National Research Council (NRC) as one of the top programs in the United States. Over the past 10 years, our MS and PhD graduates have obtained high-profile positions in industry, government, and academia, with about 25% of our PhD students placed in teaching and research faculty positions across the U.S. and around the world. Our department places great emphasis on the total education of students through coursework, research, and personal mentorship. This is reflected in our low student to faculty ratio (~4 to 1). All incoming students in our graduate program receive full financial support, which consists of a stipend and a tuition waiver. Our graduate students’ research greatly benefits from working in a well-resourced private university that houses state-of-the-art laboratories and analytical equipment.

For further information, I encourage you to visit our department website (http://ceees.nd.edu/), or contact individual faculty (http://ceees.nd.edu/people/faculty). Please feel free to contact me (ceeesdgs@nd.edu) or Mollie Dash (dash.1@nd.edu) should you have any questions about our program, or the application process.

Diogo Bolster
Professor and Frank M Freimann Collegiate Chair in Hydrology
Director of Graduate Studies