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A special message to the CEEES Class of 2020

Nina Welding • DATE: May 16, 2020

Each graduating class tends to develop its own personality during its time at Notre Dame, but the Class of 2020 stands apart as a positive force.

Many of you have been active in the department since your first year on campus and have built incredibly strong bonds with each other and with your professors. Several of you have participated in cutting-edge research on campus, designed water treatment facilities and built bridges in developing countries, and given your time across a variety of service projects in our community.

All of you have exhibited positive energy and a resilient attitude throughout these uncertain times. You have faced the challenges with great fortitude. We look forward to seeing each of you again on campus and to hearing about the exciting things we know you will be accomplishing.

Good luck and Go Irish!

— Faculty and staff of the Department of Civil &
Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Congratulations to the CEEES Class of 2020!

Victor Amigo Yanes Antonio Grenier Allison Pieroni
Britlyn Barnes Aaron Griffith Jordyn Platenburg
Emily Black Nathan Gundlach  Natalie Rivas
Mary Cacchione Matthew Harris Margarite Schwarz
Gregory Campion Michael Havrilla Sofia Scott
Finnian Cavanaugh Grace Jagoe Landon Shank
Gabriel Chapman Zubieta Erika Kim David Sholar
Andrew Copp Joo Sung Kim Jon Paul Sinacola
Audrey Cross Paula Komazin Mary Solokas
John Culligan Daisy Kupiec Thomas Stafford
Isabella Delgado-Castillo Zachery Lescowitch John Thesing
Christian Dennis Noreen Maloney Clayton Thornton
Jack Diederich Madelyn Marquardt Henry Till
Michael Dillane Kevin Maus Hannah Towe
Marcus Figaro Eduardo McCoy Lawson Tyrone
Naomi Foster Grace McNamee Thomas Walsh
Madelyn Francesconi Angie Mendoza Tudares Donald Welsh
Sabrina Gaitan Alexandra Mertz Mary Wentzel
Matthew Gardner George Molinsky Patrick West
Claire Gasser Matthew Musetich Adam Wiechman
Camila Gonzalez Flores Kyle Mutschler Brendan Woods
Anderson Gradel Chloe Ochocki Karen Yamashita
Leesa Greenwood Daniel Petracek Christina Zoldak