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Solving small-town problems with high-tech

Maria Gibbs ’17 Ph.D. and Dustin Mix ’10, ’13 M.S., ’13 M.S.

As co-founders and managing partners of INVANTI, a South Bend-based “start-up studio” that fosters businesses to address the most pressing problems facing everyday Americans, Maria Gibbs and Dustin Mix are taking the traditional venture capital model and flipping it on its head.

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Researchers study the intricate link between climate and conflict

Frank M. Freimann Collegiate Chair in Hydrology and associate director of Notre Dame’s Environmental Change Initiative, Diogo Bolster, weighs in on a recent study he co-authored–shedding light on the unexpected effects climate change could have on regional instability and violent conflict.

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Weather radar records drastic drop in mayfly populations

Phillip Stepanian, assistant research professor of civil & environmental engineering & earth sciences leads a study of the mayfly population. The study has lead to discoveries of how tightly land and water are linked regarding the impact of multiple stressors.

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Believing in climate change doesn't mean you are preparing for climate change, study finds

Believing in climate change has no effect on whether or not coastal homeowners are protecting their homes from climate change-related hazards, according to a new study from the University of Notre Dame.

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Notre Dame researchers receive Department of Defense research equipment awards

Professor Thomas Juliano received DURIP funding to support the Mach-6 Quiet Tunnel facility at Notre Dame.

Three faculty members at the University of Notre Dame have received awards from the Department of Defense for 2019. This funding will be used to acquire major research equipment that will augment current research and help develop new capabilities at the University.

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