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Growth in Notre Dame Research and Scholarship Funding Continues

The University of Notre Dame continued the steady expansion and growth of its research, scholarship, and creative endeavor programs during the most recent fiscal year.

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Graduate Students Take 1st and 2nd Place in Oral Presentation Competition

John Park and Tianze Peng competed in the student oral presentation at the American Meteorological Society Conference on Air-Sea Interaction in June.

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In memorium: Joseph (Bud) Ahearn

Retired Air Force Major General and former Senior Vice President for CH2M Hill, Joseph (Bud) Ahearn was 82 when he passed away at his home in Centennial, Colorado, on Tuesday, July 10.

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The President's Mission to Mars is a Real Long Shot

Trump really wants to go to Mars, but he’ll have to convince Congress, private companies and scores of scientists.

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Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters Assist With Monsoon Research

The Air Force Reserve's 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron spent part of June in Sri Lanka flying missions over the Indian Ocean as part of a research project to study the island atmosphere and predict monsoon patterns.

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