Our department focuses on multi-disciplinary problems related to:

  • Natural and Manmade Hazards (winds, wind-structure interaction, ocean waves and currents, floods, earthquakes, blast, fire, nuclear forensics),
  • Civil Infrastructure (buildings, bridges, shelters, towers, dams, levies),
  • Fluid Flow and Transport (atmospheric, surface water, and groundwater flows),
  • the Environment (sustainable water and energy resources, water and wastewater treatment, environmental protection),
  • Energy (solar, nuclear, wind, bio), and
  • Earth and Planet Systems (geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology, hydrology, geomicrobiology, contaminants, planetary science and exploration, global climate change).   

We have dynamic and thriving undergraduate and graduate programs that are integrated into our research enterprise that concentrate on our core themes. Progress in these areas have led to the advancement of basic science and applied engineering tools that substantially impact people across the world every day. Major synergies exist between Structural Engineering and Environmental Fluid Dynamics, between Environmental Engineering and Environmental Fluid Dynamics, and between Earth Sciences and Environmental Engineering. More information on each of these four focus areas can be obtained by clicking on the link below.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Fluid Dynamics

Earth Sciences

Structural Engineering